Veterans Memorial Park Project

Our dedication of our Veteran Memorial Park was held on November 11, 2019 at 11 a.m. There was a program to raise the flags honoring the Veterans who have served this Country bravely.

Veteran photo

Veteran Center

Please Note:
In order to keep the concrete and brass medallions in good condition, we will be closing off the Veterans’ park during winter weather events. The finish on the concrete and the integrity of the brass medallions can be compromised with any maintenance on it.

Thank for your cooperation in this matter.


Legion postcard pic

Original Home – prior to American Legion addition to the structure

Condition of the interior property when the building was acquired by the Borough in May 2016.

legion park conceptual site planThis is a conceptual site plan of the proposed Minersville Veterans Memorial Park.
The Public Property Committee is currently working with the Entech Engineering to finalize a construction plan for the park.

The approved plan view of the park is below:

Plan View