Please remember to run your water during cold spells. When there are extreme frost conditions, the risk of frozen water lines may occur.  If your home has had issues in the past, please make sure you are running your water.  Also, please contact our office if you are running your water.

Residents are asked to monitor the temperature of their water. If your water temperature reaches below 40 degrees F or lower, you should IMMEDIATELY start running a continuous pencil size stream of cold water from one faucet.  Monitoring temperatures is your first line of defense.

Also, if you see or hear water running from any neighboring properties (especially vacant properties) please notify the Water Authority IMMEDIATELY at 570-544-2200 during office hours or 570-527-6165 after hours.

There are several measures that can be taken to prevent winter water disasters:

  • Make sure all water lines to outside faucets are turned off and drained.
  • Eliminate drafts. Check around the home for areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas and take measures to prevent the flow of cold air in these areas. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets for these supply lines
  • Consider wrapping or insulating your water lines, especially those lines near outside walls, under the house, or in the attic. Insulation supplies are available at your local home improvement/hardware store. Be sure to insulate hot and cold water lines in these areas, as either line could freeze in cold weather.
  • If you plan to be away from your home, keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature to ensure all areas with water lines stay above freezing.
  • Winterize your sprinkler system. Contact your irrigation system installer or a certified plumber for detailed instructions.

If you are planning to interrupt or permanently stop the heat source in your home:

  • Contact the Water Authority to locate and turn off the main water service valve.  After the valve is turned off, open a faucet on each level of your home to allow for expansion should the water that has not yet drained freeze. (Remember to close all opened faucets before your main water service is turned back on)
  • If you are staying in your home, or will be monitoring your home frequently, allow a faucet to drip cold water slowly.  At a minimum, the faucet you select should be the greatest distance from your main water service valve.  Also, consider allowing a slow drip in areas that are least protected from the cold, such as basements, crawl spaces, attics, and garage.

If you think you have frozen water lines:

  • Identify whether the problem exists throughout the whole house or in one area.
  • Open the cabinets beneath any place with a water supply, such as the kitchen and bathroom sinks. This will allow warm air to circulate. (Remove any toxic substances first if there are small children in the home)
  • Open the cold water faucet nearest the frozen pipe to relieve the pressure of expanding ice, which may lead to a burst pipe.
  • If your water lines do freeze, never try to thaw a line with an open flame or torch. You can use a hair dryer or portable heater, but always be careful of the potential for electric shock in and around standing water.

If you think you may have a frozen water meter, please contact the Minersville Water Authority at (570)544-2200.  For after-hours emergencies, please contact the water department at (570)527-6165.  Please be advised, after-hours charges will apply.












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