Local Government

 Borough Council

Jamie Kuehn, President
Ian Mahal, Vice-President
Jennifer Beach
Stephen Darosh
Katielyn Milbrandt
Robert Umbenhen
Paul Vuksta

Kerry Kerschner, Mayor
Gloria Capik, Recording Secretary
Megan Paul, Treasurer
Albert Evans, Esq., Solicitor

Borough Manager: Robert Mahalchick 

 Office Staff:  Megan Paul, Office Manager;  Leigh Ann Celinski; Jennifer Hossler

Code & Health Officer: Kyle Crouse

Committee List 2018-2019

Streets, Highways & Electric Lights – Paul Vuksta, Chair; Stephen Darosh, Vice-Chairman; Jennifer Beach

Finance & Personnel – Katielynn Milbrandt, Chair; Jennifer Beach, Vice-Chairman; Ian Mahal

Fire Department – Robert Umbenhen, Chair; Katielynn Milbrandt, Vice-Chairman; Stephen Darosh

Community Dev., Recreation & Public Property – Ian Mahal, Chair; Paul Vuksta, Vice-Chairman; Katielynn Milbrandt

Sewer, Water & Sanitation – Stephen Darosh, Chair; Robert Umbenhen, Vice-Chairman; Paul Vuksta

Law & Order – Jennifer Beach, Chair; Ian Mahal, Vice-Chairman; Robert Umbenhen

Minersville’s Borough Council meets for a work session the first Tuesday of each month.

All meetings are held at 7PM in council chambers located in the Water Authority building located on N. Delaware Ave unless otherwise advertised.

Council meets for their regular session the second Tuesday of each monthThe public is always welcome.