Hometown Hero Program

The Borough of Minersville is hosting the Hometown Hero Banner Program in November of this year. We are seeking your help in sponsoring a Minersville Hometown Hero Banner.

Each individual banner will be unique and honor a specific the Borough of Minersville soldier including their picture, branch of service, and era of service. The program is non-political and non-partisan. It is purely a living memorial to those soldiers from the Borough of Minersville who served our country.

The Hometown Heroes Banners will be on display from approximately May to the end of November . Banners will include the sponsor’s name and prominently displayed at the bottom of the banner.

Please join us in celebrating the Veterans of the Borough of Minersville.

Sponsorships are $125 each.

2017 and 2018 banner years are full!!! Check back November 2018 for banner applications to be hung in the 2019 banner season!!!!

2017 Banner Placement2017 banner placement