Code Enforcement

Reminder from our Code Officer

When planning your projects, please remember to contact the Borough Office regarding Building Permits. Permits are required for all new constructions and all replacements or alterations of roofs, windows, doors, garage doors, electrical, plumbing, heating systems (including supplemental heating units), sidewalks, curbing, fencing with 6 ft. max. height, chimney replacement, or installation of liners, foundations, swimming pool and hot tub installation, oil storage tanks, sub-flooring, and interior renovations. Adding to your existing structure, i.e. new decks, enclosing decks, will require a building permit and a zoning permit. Shed and Pole Buildings 100 sq ft and over require zoning and a building permit. Zoning permits are administered by the Schuylkill County Zoning Office 570-628-1415.

Also, if you are replacing windows, all windows installed in this area must have maximum U-factor of .30 or under. This number has been established under the 2015 Uniform Construction Code. This has been adopted by the State of Pennsylvania and enforced throughout Pennsylvania. If the windows do not have the proper U-factor, they will not pass code inspection.

Building Permit Fee Schedule

Building Permit$ 20.00 for first $1,000 of construction cost $10.00 for each additional $1,000 of construction cost
Inspection Fees$10.00 each inspection (plumbing, masonry, roofing, mechanical, fencing, carpentry, demolition, final) *3rd party inspection required on electrical
Inspections Fees on New Construction$35.00 each inspection (footers, foundation, framing, wallboard, mechanical, plumbing) *3rd party inspection required on electrical
Chimney Inspection$30.00 each inspection
Certificate of Occupancy$35.00 each permit
Plan Review (New Construction 2 sets)$50.00 plus .15 x sq. ft.
Additional fee charged to each permit (Required by State Regulation, UCC)$4.00 each permit

Inspection site visit requires a minimum of 24-hour notice for scheduling. For scheduling, call 570-544-2149.

Footing: After excavation and any forming, prior to concrete pour.

Foundation: After construction, prior to backfill, complete with foundation drains, damp-proofing and embedded anchor bolts and before any framing, including sill plate.

Framing: After structural construction, prior to installation and interior wall covering. Plumbing, electrical, etc. shall be “roughed in”. Wallboard: After installation, prior to applying any finish material.

Electrical: by certified 3rd party agency. Agency must forward a detailed report to the Code Enforcement Officer.

Final: After structural completion, with all fixtures complete and functional.

This link contains requirement information for pellet stove installations. Building permits are required for ALL supplemental heat sources.


Due to an increased number of calls to our office this year regarding issues with wild animals (i.e. feral cats, skunks, raccoons, etc.), please follow these tips to try to address the issues within our Borough:

  • If you deny animals access to your trash, then they have no other option but to move on to someone else’s house. You can do this several ways. You can get a trashcan that has locks on it or is very difficult to open. The best thing that you can do to cut off the food supply is to lock up your trashcans in a shed or your garage and make sure that the garage and/or shed is secure at all times and only take the garbage cans out the evening before the trash truck comes.
  • Another thing that you can do to force the animals to move on is to keep any type of food out of your yard. Do not feed your dogs or cats outside and do not leave your left over food from meals outside. Also if you have a fruit tree, make sure that you are cleaning up the felled apples, peaches, etc. on a regular basis. If you have an outside garden, construct a good fence around it.
  • Probably one of the most effective ways to rid your yard of animals is to get an automated/motion-activated sprinkler system to scare them off every time they come near your trash cans or gardens. There are many products on the market for this type of device and they really work because they were developed specifically to deal with this problem. The best part of these types of devices is that they work on other animals such as deer and stray dogs and cats as well.
  • Skunks are horrible climbers and even worse at jumping so a barrier just might do the trick. However, they are excellent diggers and can squeeze themselves into holes that are about 4 inches wide. Keeping them out with barriers require that you seal up any holes and ditches. Enclose areas that are open and large with mesh wire of about 3 feet high and 1 foot deep. There’s no need to dig a really deep hole because skunks won’t even attempt to dig under the fence unless they are able to see an opening on the other side. It’s also important to make sure that you seal off any openings under your home, sheds and decks.

Ordinance No. 339, Quality of Life, in an effort to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Borough of Minersville. This Ordinance provides for the issuance of tickets, citations and penalties to owners and/or occupiers of said properties, assuring for code compliance and maintenance of said properties in a timely manner, for quality of life violations. This violation includes:

  • Accumulation of Rubbish, Garbage, Junk or Litter.
  • Storing of Hazardous Material
  • Storing of Recyclables.
  • Storage Containers for Waste or Trash.
    • All containers that store waste or trash shall be durable, water tight and made of metal or plastic have tight fitting covers and must be kept clean and odor free at all times.
    • All containers must be stored so said containers are not visible from the public right-of-way.
    • Waste/trash containers may only be placed in front of any property when darkness occurs the night before the day of the scheduled pick-up day and all containers must be returned to their storage area before daybreak on the day following pick-up.
  • Littering, Scattering Rubbish or Dumping.
  • Motor Vehicles
    • It shall be unlawful to store, park or place any unregistered, uninspected, inoperative, unlicensed, junked or nuisance motor vehicle on any premises not designated for that use.
    • Painting of vehicles is prohibited unless conducted inside an approved spray booth.
  • Placement or Littering by Private Advertising Matter.
  • Animal Maintenance and Waste/Feces Clean-Up.
  • Insects or Vermin.
  • High Weeds, Grass, Plant Growth or Standing Water.
  • Snow and Ice Removal from Sidewalks
  • Swimming Pools. Swimming pools shall be maintained in good repair at all times. They shall also be kept clean, safe, sanitary, and covered when not in regular use.
  • Storing or Serving of Potentially Hazardous Food.
  • Registration of Occupants in a rental unit

Appeals form for Violation Notice

Quality of Life Violation Ticket Appeal Form

Need a dumpster for your construction project or house clean-out

Dumpster Fee: $25.00
No Parking Signs: $10.00 per sign (fee refunded if signs are returned within 5 days)


  • The permit for public streets shall be for a four (4) day duration. Additional four (4) days may be obtained at an additional cost of $25.00.
  • No more than three (3) permit extensions shall be issued by the Borough for containers on the street. After the expiration for the third permit, the container shall be removed within 24 hours. After the expiration of the third permit, the container(s) shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours. After a third permit expiration, no additional permits will be issued for that location within a twelve (12) month duration.
  • The permit for private property shall be for twenty (20) business days duration. If the applicant requires additional time, a second permit may be obtained for up to twenty (20) additional business days and a second permit fee paid. No more than three (3) permits shall be issued by the Borough for the container(s) placed upon private property. After the expiration of the third permit, the container(s) shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours. After a third permit expiration, no additional permits will be issued for that location within a twelve (12) month duration.
  • Container requirements: The following requirements shall apply to any container(s) placed upon streets or private property in the Borough.
    1. A minimum of eight (8) inch reflective material shall be placed upon all four (4) sides of the container(s), each side containing a minimum of four (4) reflectors, to make the container(s) visible at night.
    2. Each of the container rollers or wheels, if any, must be placed upon a wood pad at least ¾ of an inch in thickness so as not to damage the road surfaces in the Borough.
    3. Size of the container(s) will be determined by the property owner.
    4. Once a container(s) is full, the container(s) shall be emptied and/or removed within twenty-four (24) hours.
    5. Each container(s) shall contain in stencil or other visible form, three (3) inches in height, the company name, address and telephone number.
    6. No container(s) shall be placed in violation of any traffic rules or regulations enacted by the Borough and/or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, including, but not limited to minimum distances from intersections, driveways, etc.
    7. No container(s) shall be placed or removed between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    8. Responsibility for obtaining the necessary permit under this Ordinance shall rest with the property owner.
    9. A full or partially full container must be tarped daily.

Dumpster Permit Application

Planning on installing a pool. Permits are required for both seasonal/temporary pools and permanent pools.

This link contains requirement information for pools.

Permanent Pool: Swimming Pool Requirements

Seasonal Pool: Seasonal Pool Permit
*Seasonal pools can only be erected from May 15th thru October 15th. A yearly permit and inspection is required on all seasonal pools.

Thinking of putting in a driveway

Please be aware all new driveways must be approved by the Code Officer and Borough Council. This link contains the driveway permit application.

Driveway Application

Abandoned Property Registration

It is the purpose and intent of the Borough to establish a process to address the deterioration and blight of Borough neighborhoods caused by an increasing amount of abandoned, foreclosed or distressed real property located within the Borough, and to identify, regulate, limit and reduce the number of abandoned properties within the Borough. It is the Borough’s further intent to establish a registration program as a mechanism to protect neighborhoods from becoming blighted due to the lack of adequate maintenance and security of abandoned and foreclosed properties.

Abandoned Real Property – means any real property located in the Borough, whether vacant or occupied, that is in default on a mortgage, has had a lis pendens filed against it by the Lender holding a mortgage on the property, is subject to an ongoing foreclosure action by the Lender, is subject to an application for a tax deed or pending tax assessor’s lien sale, or has been transferred to the Lender under a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The designation of a property as “abandoned” shall remain in place until such time as the property is sold or transferred to a new owner, the foreclosure action has been dismissed, and any default on the mortgage has been cured.

Ord 2015-311 real property registration

311 Ordinance Vacant property form


Below is information regarding outside burn pits. The full text of the ordinance can be downloaded at the link below.

Permissible Containers

Burn Container(s) – Only manufactured fire pits, chimineas or fireplace kits with a underwriters laboratory label will be permissible. All Burn Containers must contain sides and cover as defined herein. All Burn Containers must be installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer installation instructions. Burn Containers shall not be allowed to deteriorate to the point where they contain holes or missing surface in the structure. No homemade fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, incinerators, chimineas and other types of burning pits will be allowed within the Borough of Minersville.

Exception: Portable outdoor grills, fired by propane or charcoal, and designed for food preparation, are excluded from the provisions of this Ordinance.

Burn Container Cover – a metal screen with spaces not more than one-half (1/2) square inch, or other comparable material, which covers the entire open area above the burn container opening. Such screen shall be maintained in good order as to prevent large particles from escaping the burn container during operation. The cover shall not be allowed to deteriorate to any point whereby it loses its maximum efficiency.

Materials permissible to burn

Burnable Materials – only seasoned firewood or the material permitted in the Burn Containers manufacturer’s instructions manual will be permitted to be burned in the burn container.

Non-Burnable Materials – the following is a partial list of those materials that are classified as “non-burnable” under the guidelines of this Ordinance.

  • Plastic; rubber; oils; asbestos; composition boards; shingles; felt paper; canvas; fiber glass; vinyl; or any similar materials; or any combination of the above with any other materials.
  • Human or animal waste; sanitary napkins; diapers; food solids; oil filters; residential waste; or any other materials individually or in combination, that emit smoke, or acrid, obnoxious, or toxic odors.
  • Grass, green twigs, or leaves.

The above is a partial list of those items and materials prohibited under the guidelines of this Ordinance. Any other materials that do not comply fully with the intent of this Ordinance, or otherwise create a nuisance to people or animals are strictly prohibited.

Combustible – As defined within this Ordinance as “able to catch fire and burn easily.”

Burning Regulations

  • No person or corporation shall cause to be burned any of the above Non-Burnable Materials, or any like or similar materials not in compliance, or inconsistent with this Ordinance. It shall be illegal to burn any materials that give off any acrid, obnoxious, or toxic odors, or emit heavy smoke.
  • Burning, in compliance with this Ordinance, shall be permitted only between the hours of 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Under no conditions shall burning, as defined herein, be permitted between the hours of 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. Fires in Burn Containers must be fully extinguished and not be allowed to burn or smolder after 12 a.m. Any fires burning after 12 a.m. shall be in violation of this Ordinance, and all those persons or corporations causing such fires shall be prosecuted under the guidelines of this Ordinance.
  • All Burn Containers must always be attended by a responsible resident of the property that is 18 years of age.
  • The use of gasoline or other accelerants cannot not be used to start fires in Burn Containers.
  • All burning in the Burn Containers must be done in a way as to not cause excess flames or be used in a way that will cause property damage or bodily harm.
  • All Burn Containers must be kept ten (10) feet from any combustible structure. No burning container shall be used within five (5) feet of any property line or public sidewalk area. No burning container can be used for any other purpose.

Any and all Borough Police Officers, Code Enforcement Officers, and/or Borough Fire Chief are hereby granted the authority and responsibility for inspecting outside Burning Containers for compliance with this Ordinance. In the event any violations of this Ordinance are found to be in existence at the time of inspection, the Officers are hereby charged with the responsibility of issuing warnings or citations, as merited, for all violations of this Ordinance. Any condition that is deemed as unsafe or causing annoyance or alarm to neighbors will authorize the Officer to require the immediate extinguishment of the burning.

Ord 2021-336 Burning Ord