OFFICE #: 570-544-6212

NON-EMERGENCY#: 570-544-2333

The mission of the Minersville Police Department is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens it serves and provide a safe community environment.
From the Chief: Our department serves a community of approximately 4500 residents.  We are a full-service police department, responding to emergencies, calls for assistance, enforcing Commonwealth traffic laws, Commonwealth criminal laws and Borough ordinances, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Office Number 570-544-2333 or 570-544-6212.

Full Time
Chief Michael Combs
Jeffrey Bowers
Timothy Walsh
  Part Time
Ryan Murphy
Kyle Crouse
Joseph Kavanaugh
Douglas Springer
Ethan Powell
Matthew Bartal
Michael Layton-Herron
Justin Ruhl
Eric Wilson
Joseph Ferrarro
Useful Information:
Abandoned Vehicles – All vehicles parked on Borough streets must have a valid PA registration and PA inspection stickers displayed.  Vehicles must be operable (able to be legally driven) and all tires must be fully inflated.  Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and towed.
Motor Vehicle Accident Reports – Copies of all police accident reports cost $15.00 and are available at the police station.
House Check – If on vacation or away from your residence for an extended time, the Minersville Police Department provides house checks to residents.  Officers will check the exterior of the dwelling for suspicious activity as time permits.  House check forms may be obtained at the police station.  A brief form must be completed and signed by the homeowner.  House check information will not be taken over the telephone for security reasons.  When requesting this service, the resident should understand that this is a free service provided as time permits based upon call volume.  There is no special duty upon the Borough when providing this service and there is no guarantee against loss, theft, or damage to the premises.

 Police House Check Form

Soliciting Permits – Solicitation includes the act of any person, whether a resident of the Borough or not, traveling by foot, vehicle or any other type of conveyance who goes from house to house, business to business, from place to place or in or along any highway, street or sidewalk within the city either: (1) requesting, either directly or indirectly, money, credit, funds, contributions, personal property or anything of value; (2) taking or attempting to take orders for the sale of any goods, wares, merchandise or services of any kind, or description for future delivery or for services to be performed in the future, either in person or by distributing flyers and leaflets; and (3) selling and making immediate delivery any goods, wares, merchandise or services of any kind or description, commonly referred to as “peddling.” All persons who engage in solicitation shall comply with the following:

  • Carry a photo identification and a copy of a valid permit issued; and
  • Immediately present a solicitation permit, identification and authorization to act on behalf of a third party, if applicable, to any person approached for said solicitation and to any law enforcement official, upon their request.


  • Noncommercial Solicitation – No Charge
    • Noncommercial – means the purpose of solicitation which is charitable, as defined in this Section, religious or political.
  • Commercial Solicitation – $ 10.00 per person per day.

Soliciting Permit Application

Do Not Knock Registry

The Borough Council recently adopted a “Do Not Knock” Registry.  The registry is similar to the “Do Not Call” list and prohibits solicitors from visiting any home listed on the registry.

All persons, business or organizations wishing to solicit in the Borough for any money, funds or contributions are required to obtain a permit.  Upon permit approval, solicitors will be issued a permit card.  Each solicitor is will be required to keep and display the permit.  All solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the “Do Not Knock” Registry or from any location with a sign posted prohibiting solicitation.

For your protection, only addresses and expiration dates will appear on the “Do Not Knock” Registry.  Properties will remain in the list for a one year period.  If you would like your address to appear on the Do Not Knock Registry, please complete the Registry Application form below and mail it back to the Borough Office.  If you would like a “Do Not Knock” Registry window cling, please include a self-address stamped envelope with the application form.

do not knock application

Minersville Borough –
Part-time Officer Hire

Applicant shall have PA Act 120 certification or meets all requirements of the MPOETC.  Applications are available at the Minersville Borough Office, 2 East Sunbury Street, Minersville, PA 17954, (570) 544-2149.  Office hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M., Monday – Thursday, 8:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M., Friday; or online at www.minersvilleonline.com.  

Animal Ordinance